Needlepoint de-stresses

We all long for a good night’s sleep without having to count sheep. But did you know that needlepoint can actually help you achieve it?!

Studies suggest it de-stresses you, causing your muscles to relax, slowing your heart rate, deepening your breathing and lowering your blood pressure.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your next sewing project, then stitch and relax…

Are you a #grandmillenial ?

So many are discovering just how stylish needlepoint decor can be. Great article in House Beautiful


“needlepoint-filled interiors might well be worth another look”

House Beautiful defined the aesthetic of the grandmillenial as a stylish young person with an appreciation for ‘granny chic’.

“Some people do more classic preppy canvases while others are more edgy—no matter your personal taste there is needlepoint out there for you!” … “If something can be done in needlepoint, it should be.”
Interior designer Rudy Saunders

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sharing a little love, one stitch at a time…

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Naked Canvas tapestry

See our Valentine’s video

Coming soon…

We love stitching by the fire on snowy days.

New The Naked Canvas tapestry

Here’s a sneaky peek at one of our new designs coming soon. What’s your #thursdaymotivation ?

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Cupid tapestry kit

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Sew bro

Sewbro, the coolest men who sew…

Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields

Do you know a #sewbro? Well done George Clooney and all those guys who have discovered just how good sewing can be during lockdown. Great article by Priya Elan for The Guardian –